'share.' is a Node.js (MEAN stack) single-page application / platform created to allow you to use or create (open) your own file sharing service based on client-server model. SPA (single-page application), high performance, responsive & simple design and lightweight uploader. Highly configurable with a simple design and native animation effects using CSS3, HTML5 & JavaScript (animate.css, ngAnimate). API (application programming interface) is ready for your frontend clients (website, mobile applications, and third party applications) integrate with it.


The 'share.' API is a RESTful API. It is designed as much as possible to have resource-oriented URLs and to use HTTP status codes to indicate API status. It use standard HTTP which can be understood by any HTTP client, and it support CORS to allow you to interact with our API from a client-side web application. JSON is always returned from the API, including errors. 'share.' uses conventional HTTP response codes to indicate success or failure of an API request. In general, codes in the 2xx range indicate success, codes in the 4xx range indicate an error that resulted from the provided information (e.g. a required parameter was missing), and codes in the 5xx range indicate an error with our servers. All API requests should be made over HTTP to http://host/api


POST api/authenticate Authenticate an admin
POST api/authFile Authenticate a file


POST api/upload Upload file NO


GET api/files Get all files YES
GET api/files/:id Get file NO
DELETE api/files/:id Delete file NO
GET api/files/current Get user current files NO


GET api/download/:id Download file NO


GET api/settings Get settings NO
PUT api/settings Update settings YES
PUT api/settings/password Update admin password YES
GET api/me Get user details YES